Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fun update!

In a previous post, “Bequia and the Return of the Prodigal Sons”, I had written about sailing from St. Martin to Bequia and how, just off of Martinique, we’d come across a seafaring rowboat with a Canadian couple aboard. At first we thought it was a life raft and we might be rescuing someone, but when we asked them if they were ok they said that they were just fine and they were rowing to Costa Rica! We came across them on Thursday, February 2nd, 2006.

Today while searching the web I came across a website for the couple. They are circumnavigating the globe entirely on human power – rowing, biking and walking! When we saw them they were just 22 days away from completing a transatlantic crossing that took them nearly 6 months! They actually rowed into Limon, Costa Rica (from Portugal) on February 24, 2006 - twenty two days from the day we saw them!

Check out their adventure - you can read about them and see pictures. Presently, they are biking across North America and are expected to finish up their circumnavigation on May 21, 2006.

Their home page:

Pictures of the transatlantic crossing in the row boat:

Unfortunately, I get seasick looking at a bowl of soup so no rowboat crossings for me...

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Anonymous said...

there was a video on a discovery channel covering their journey, and they mentioned that they met a sailboat in the sea and got some goodies, which made them very happy (nobody likes soup 24/7). I wonder if it was your boat, Cristina. after all, it is a small world..


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