Thursday, August 16, 2007

What To Expect When You're Expecting...

Day 4:

My sourdough culture - a frothing, bubbling mass with a delectable yeasty smell. A big day today, Momma gets fed for the first time!

Following Nancy Silverton's advice in "Breads for the La Brea Bakery", I add warm water and flour and stick my (washed) hands into the slimey mixture feeling the bubbles around my hands and the warmth from the fermentation., swishing the cheese cloth sack of grapes around the mixture.

My culture is officially a "mother" and can be used to make bread. But, following the advice of Silverton, I'm going to let her sour for 9 more days and then put my momma on a strict feeding schedule...

Day 5:

My momma has seperated with a yellowy liquid floating on top. The cheese cloth sack of grapes has floated to the top. She still smells delectably sour and I'm amazed the grapes haven't gotten all funky and moldy! But the grape seeds have worked their way through the cheese cloth. I wonder how that's going to work when I start making bread? Hmmmm....

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