Sunday, June 01, 2008

All dressed up...

and nowhere to go.

She's all wrapped up and ready for her first paint job which should be happening this weekend!

But, we've just found out that there are more delays and we won't be in the water until August 1st, departing Seattle in mid-September. Although the delays are a bit of a bummer, there are a few of us (namely, the purser, chief stew and myself) who will appreciate having the extra time. We have 5 massive shipping containers at the boat yard full of china, flatware, serving pieces, kitchen appliances, etc. that all need sorting through, not to mention all of the things we know we still need but don't have and all the things that we don't know we need and don't have and all the things we probably have but don't need, or don't have room for. And the Excel spreadsheets categorizing everything that needs to be checked and cross checked and double checked. And, I haven't even begun to research how to provision in all the crazy, remote locations we'll be heading into! So, a few extra weeks maybe isn't so bad... But we're still all anxious to be on board!

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