Monday, April 24, 2006

Hittin' the road...

The boat will be leaving on Thursday for the Mediterranean and as everyone is rushing around finishing up the charter and preparing the boat for the crossing I'm laid up in bed with a sprained knee and will be flying back to New York later this week and then rejoining the boat in France once my knee is recuperated…

The funny thing about boats is that there is always a place to bump your head, stub your toe, bang something or otherwise injure yourself. I've bumped my head and/or stubbed a toe pretty much every day since the day I joined the boat world back in November. I have bruises that I have no idea where they came from.

Today I slipped and fell through a hatch and one leg went up, one leg went down and my knee went sideways. Fortunately, with all the boat races going on, there was a doctor around and he happened to be a knee surgeon. He says I'll be just fine but I can't walk for a few weeks and will be unable to do the crossing as there is too much of a chance of re-injuring my knee if the boat is rolling.

I wanted to do the crossing for the experience, but by missing the crossing I am also missing two long weeks of seasickness – so I’m ok with that.

Next post from New York. Unfortunately I won't be able to ride a scooter either - so all my scooter buddies will just have to come visit me (hint-hint)!

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Anonymous said...


I was just posting my 'thank you' comment to your previous post and saw what happened. Gosh.. soooooo sorry!.. at least you won’t have to dread seasickness and will definitely get some touch with culture as you wanted, only in NYC. Just like they say,” be careful what you wish for.” but jokes aside, i hope you feel better soon and join your boat in France in superb condition!


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