Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hurry up and wait!

It’s been a while since I’ve written, I know. But every adventure I write about (or attempt to write about), whether it be trekking across Thailand (2 months ago), sitting in a café in Oslo trying to keep warm (last month), or grilling up pizza’s for Mrs. & Mr. X in Palm Springs (last week), it all seems like “filler” as I wait for the yacht. It’s been 9 months of waiting. I’m pregnant with anticipation and my feet are swelling. I feel moody and irritable. Enough already, I just want this baby to drop!

December, February, May and now July. The launch date keeps getting pushed back further and further. I’ve had to find things to fill my time - traveling, reading, visiting family. But all this vacationing has me exhausted. If it takes a week to recover from 2-weeks holiday, what does it take to recover from 9 months? Great, I should be in fine shape to work by July!

While I was swinging in a hammock, sucking on coconuts on a beach in Thailand our illustrious Captain and Madame and Monsieur X were busy jetting around the globe to meet and interview potential crew. And after many months and many cups of coffee, they’ve garnered representation from 4 of 7 continents, excellent! Swedish, British, Australian, Canadian, American, South African and Belgium – I should be able to glean lots of culinary tidbits from this worldly crew!

I'm packing my bags now, and in just a few short weeks the new crew will all be converging upon Seattle to oversee the remainder of the build and ready the yacht for the big splash! Ok, so the Big, Big Day is still a ways away. But, if I put my ear to the track I can hear the train coming. Next weekend I’ll be settling into our crew house – and the real adventure can begin…

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tammy said...

crew house is......where?????

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