Monday, May 26, 2008

Progress Report

The hull is primed and ready for her first coat!

This is the galley - looking forward. The far wall will be the pastry station and to the right of that will be a built-in, automatic Miele espresso/cappuccino/coffee station. Me thinks I'll be getting quite a lot of use out of that!

There will be a double prep-sink where the wall curves on the left and there will be planter boxes for herbs where those two large windows are.

Looking Aft is my 5-burner Diva induction cooktop, two electric Miele convection ovens and a Miele steam oven (above the counter, right of the convection ovens). I opted not to have a microwave in the galley, although there is one in the crew mess, should I need one. I just find that I rarely ever use them... Above the peninsula will be a shelf with a strip of infrared warming lights. There will be a large prep sink at the end of the peninsula. Port-side (looking right), are two upright freezers and just behind that back wall is the walk-in.

Despite how large the galley may look, there is extremely limited space for my pots and pans! I had a heart-attack the first time I saw all of the cabinets in place and actually went through and opened everything up. Every cabinet on the yacht has been outfitted with slide-out drawers (all of which are much more shallow than I had anticipated) complete with safety latches that take up about 2 1/2 inches of space on each side of the drawer, adding up to a total sacrifice of 5 inches in every cupboard/cabinet/drawer - that's a lot of space to be giving up! We have a wager going how long the drawers will last before me and stewardesses rip them out in frustration...

However, cookie-bribery has once again gotten me out of a jam. With a batch each of macadamia-white chocolate cookies and chocolate chip cookies, I was able to halt the installation of some shelving and redesign it to accommodate my oversized pots and pans.

p.s. On a totally non-boat-related thought - the photo file system for iPhoto on the Mac absolutely SUCKS! Uploading photos to a blog is such a pain the ass...

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that's some yacht - happy cooking!

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